Located at The Forum

Primal / Excalibur / The Goblet / Ward 29 / Plot 13 / Suite 2



Lemon MuffinLemon Muffin5,000 Gil
Coffeebean CookiesCoffee Biscuit5,000 Gil
Caramel FudgeCaramels7,000 Gil
Cheese SouffleCheese Souffle7,000 Gil
Apple TartApple Tart9,000 Gil
Pineapple Upside Down CakePineapple Ponzecake9,000 Gil
Jellied Fruit SaladJellied Compote8,000 Gil
Strawberry TartSnurbleberry Tart8,000 Gil
Chocolate Mini MountainSohm Al Tart13,000 Gil
Razzberry CheesecakeRolanberry Cheesecake10,000 Gil
Chocolate Ganache CakeSachertorte15,000 Gil
Rainbow SnowconeRolanberry Shaved Ice3,000 Gil

Cold Beverages

Apple CiderApple Juice5,000 Gil
Pineapple JuicePineapple Juice5,000 Gil
LemonadeLemonade5,000 Gil
Orange SodaOrange Juice5,000 Gil
Grape JuiceGrape Juice5,000 Gil

Hot Beverages

Hot CocoaHot Chocolate6,000 Gil
Breakfast TeaIshgardian Tea6,000 Gil
Chai LatteMasala Chai6,000 Gil
MochaEspresso con Panna6,000 Gil
CappuccinoTriple Cream Coffee6,000 Gil


Welcome to Lil' Lyhe Mheg Cafe by Lill Bit (Leon Tsubaki). A place born of dreams where you and your friends can relax and chat while enjoying some desserts and music. Everything is made in-house, so it's quality guaranteed. Enjoy your visit and I hope I was able to bring a little bit of magic into your day.

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